Doctor of Nursing : Doctor of Nursing Practice

Semester I
NURS 8416/8410Theory Application for Advanced Practice3
NURS 8516/8510Foundation for Evidence-Based Practice *3
NURS 8716/8710Transitional Skills for DNP Practice2
Semester II
NURS 8326/8320Informatics and Management of Health Outcomes3
NURS 8426/8420Population Health Outcomes3
NURS 8726/8720Health Innovations and Clinical Outcomes Improvements *3
Semester III
NURS 8336/8330Quantitative Methods for Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 8436/8430Financial Management for Advanced Practice3
NURS 8936/8930DNP Project Practicum I : Development (1 theory, 2 clinical)3
Semester IV
NURS 8446/8440Leadership for Advanced Health Policy3
NURS 8546/8540Advanced Practice Practicum2
NURS 8946/8940DNP Project Practicum II : Implementation (1 theory, 3 clinical)4
Semester V
NURS 8956/8950DNP Project Practicum III : Evaluation and Presentations4
Total Hours39

*Must be taken before DNP project hours

All DNP Programs are required to document evidence of 1000 practice hours by program completion. As a post certification program, there will be students who have a variance in hours completed, (e.g. NP's will have more eligible clinical hours than a Nurse Educator.) Therefore, students will be evaluated based on this relevant to DNP clinical requirements. This may require additional hours in the practicum to achieve the goal. NURS 8546 is designed to provide the opportunity for any student that needs additional hours. A student may have to repeat NURS 8546 to achieve the required 1000 hours. 

The Doctor of Nursing Practice Program will be a post master's program. Each student will have also achieved national certification prior to starting the DNP Program. This course of study will build on the student's MSN Program and provide additional specialized knowledge and skills to become a leader in healthcare. All courses and activities required for the program are designed to prepare nurses for the highest level of nursing practice. The goal of this program is to prepare advanced practice nurses who have enhanced leadership skills and transformation abilities to be responsible to the changing needs of healthcare delivery. The nurses will be able to recognize trends in healthcare and implement strategies that will promote improved patient outcomes and safety while maintaining quality and value. The minimum number of hours needed for graduation will be 39 hours.