Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Earth System Science

The formal requirements for the PhD degree are the same as outlined in graduate school web page: This PhD program, due to its interdisciplinary nature, has specific course requirements as below:

Course Requirements: The interdisciplinary PhD degree, without previous graduate course work, requires successful completion of a minimum of 60 semester credit hours at the graduate level (6000-8000 level).  The total 60 hours must include: 1) 7 hours of required core courses across earth system science disciplines, 2) a maximum of 10 hours of dissertation credit, and 3) additional elective course work to develop an academic focus with the approval of the faculty adviser and dissertation committee.  Click here for recommended elective courses for students interested in a particular career path. The maximum number of directed-study credits that may be applied toward the degree is three (3) units. The total number of credit hours of previous graduate course or thesis work may be transferred toward the PhD degree must be less than 50 percent of the credit hours listed on the Plan of Study. A maximum of four hours of Master thesis credit may be transferred and counted toward PhD course requirement. Required core courses (7 hours) include:

1) Earth System Science and Global Change (3 hours)

2) Earth System Observation and Analysis (3 hours)

3) Earth System Science Seminar (1 hour)