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Industrial Design - MID

The school offers the master of industrial design degree accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD.) Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or equivalent from an institution of recognized standing. Those with baccalaureate degrees from other disciplines may be admitted to the graduate program under condition that a minimum of 43 post baccalaureate credit hours in industrial design be completed at the undergraduate level with a 3.0 GPA. Students without an undergraduate Industrial Design degree are admitted during the summer semester and awarded a bachelor of science in environmental design (NASAD accredited) upon completion of the three semester post baccalaureate program. Upon admission to the master’s program successful completion of 35 graduate level credit hours, including a thesis is required. A 40-credit hour non-thesis option is available. Minimum (4) credit hours of INDD 7990 Thesis is required but may not exceed six hours. Course content beyond the 17-credit hour core curriculum will be structured to accommodate the student’s area of interest. Completion of an industry collaboration studio (INDD 7910 Industry Practicum) is required. There is no language requirement. An external terminal document draft review and a 3.0 overall graduate GPA are required. Participation in school sponsored international travel programs may be used as credit towards graduation. Students are admitted only in the fall semester. Applications to the graduate program must be complete by 1 February.

All courses are (3) credits except Special Problems  INDD 6960 (1-5) credits, Thesis Design INDD 7990 (1-5) credits and Industry Practicum INDD 7910 (5) credits. Thesis requires (35) credits minimum, four semesters, with no more than (6) credits taken in INDD 7990. Non-Thesis requires (40) credits minimum, four semesters with (3) credits taken in INDD 7980. It is required that MID students take no more than 12 graduate credits per semester (9 is full-time) and enter the program during fall semester. All thesis, non-thesis documentation drafts for the MID must be completed and submitted for final graduation review by the respective graduate committee the semester prior to the intended semester of graduation. A 3.0 GPA or above is required to qualify for graduation. Select INDD 6960 classes may be offered during the summer semester. Graduate students transferring from other INDD graduate programs will be reviewed for admission on a case by case basis but must complete all AU/MID Required Core Courses. The recommended enrollment in graduate classes is eight students. No more than 15 credits in INDD 6960 may be used toward graduation.

Master of Industrial Design Thesis

Master of Industrial Design Thesis (MIND)
INDD 6120Portfolio3
INDD 7010Design Orientation3
INDD 7020Computer/Industrial Design3
Select 2-6 Credits in INDD 79902-6
Select 20-24 Credits in @ 6000-899924-20
Total Hours35

Master of Industrial Design Non-Thesis

Master of Industrial Design Non-Thesis (MINN)
INDD 6120Portfolio3
INDD 7010Design Orientation3
INDD 7020Computer/Industrial Design3
INDD 7980Non-Thesis Design3
Select 28 Credits in @ 6000-899928
Total Hours40