Hospitality Management - PhD

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is offered to students interested in developing research skills beyond the Master's level and is focused on an academically oriented career. The PhD program places a strong emphasis on methodology and the scientific process and equips students with the skill set necessary to make significant contributions in the chosen research field. 

PhD students are required to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree, at least 10 of which must be for a dissertation. The coursework structure is presented below:

H&T Core:

HOSP 7090 Consumer Behavior in H&T                        (3 hours)

HOSP 7500 Global Hospitality Strategy                         (3 hours)

HOSP 7050 Advanced Hospitality Operations               (3 hours)

HOSP 8880 Theoretical Development for H                   (3 hours)

HOSP 8870 Advanced Research Methods in H&T         (3 hours)

HOSP 8970 Grantsmanship in H&T                                (3 hours)

HOSP 8020 New Faculty Development in H                   (2 hours)

HOSP 8910 Supervised Teaching                                   (1 hour)

Research Support:

 Quantitative Track                                            Qualitative Track

PSYC 7270 (4 hours)1                                       ERMA 7210 (3 hours)
PSYC 7280 (4 hours)2                                       ERMA 7220 (3 hours)
PSYC 8250 (3 hours)3                                       ERMA 7400 (3 hours)
PSYC 8970 – SEM (3 hours)4                           PSYC 7270 (4 hours)1
One Qualitative course (3 hours)**                    PSYC 7280 (4 hours)2
One advanced statistics course                         One advanced qualitative methods  course**

1 Can be substituted with STAT 7000

2 Can be substituted with STAT 7010

3 Can be substituted with STAT 7840, HDFS 8070, or HDFS 8060

4 Can be substituted with MNGT 8420 or HDFS 8050

Dissertation: (minimum of 10 credit hours)

                        HOSP 8990 Research and Dissertation