Administration of Supervision and Curriculum – MEd, PhD

Administration of Supervison and Curriculum - MEd
EDLD 7210Multiprofessional Leadership for Equity3
EDLD 7330Introduction to Curriculum and Instructional Leadership3
EDLD 8300Curriculum Theory and Practice3
EDMD 7000/7006Instructional Design and Development3
EDMD 7210/7216Integration of Technology Into Curriculum3
ERMA 7200/7206Basic Methods in Education Research3
Select 12 Credits in @ 6000-899912
Total Hours30


Administration of Supervison and Curriculum - PhD
EDLD 8200/8206Assessment and Evaluation in Learning Organizations3
EDLD 8210Educational Leadership: Theory and Practice3
EDLD 8220/8226Personal and Professional Development3
EDLD 8250Organizational Power, Politics and Policy Formation3
EDLD 8260/8266Theory and Development of Organizations3
EDLD 8300Curriculum Theory and Practice3
EDLD 8310Leadership in the Development and Application of Curriculum and Theory Design3
EDLD 8400Ethics for Leaders3
EDLD 8950Seminar (I)3
EDLD 8950Seminar (II)3
EDLD 8990/8996Research and Dissertation10
Select 24 Credits in @ 6000-899924
Total Hours64