Computer Science and Software Engineering (Distance) - MS

The distance-learning option enables students to participate in online learning. The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) offers the Master of Science distance program (non-thesis), which is the online version of the Master of Science Program in Computer Science and Software Engineering (non-thesis option).  The MS (non-thesis) degree requires a minimum of 33 graduate semester credit hours. All courses in the degree must be taken for a grade. The three required 7000-level courses are COMP7270, COMP7300, and COMP7500. Students may take up to three (3) credit hours of COMP7930 Directed Study. Students may take three (3) credit hours of COMP7980 Master of Science Capstone Project, which is a graded course. 

COMP 7276Advanced Topics in Algorithms3
COMP 7306Advanced Computer Architecture3
COMP 7506Advanced Topics in Operating Systems3
COMP 6000-899918
Total Hours33