Communication Studies - Graduate Certificate

Communication Studies (Graduate Certificate)
COMM 7000Communication Theory3
COMM 7010Historical, Descriptive, and Critical Approaches to Communication Research3
COMM 7020Empirical Approaches to Communication Research3
Select 9 Credits in the following:9
Rhetorical Criticism
Approaches to Studying Language and Social Interaction
Development of Rhetorical Theory
Seminar in Persuasion and Attitude Change
Seminar in American Public Address
Seminar in Argumentation and Debate
Seminar in Intrapersonal Processes in Communication
Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
Seminar in Small Group Communication
Seminar in Organizational Communication
Health Communication
Gender Communication
Mass Communication Theory
Studies in Popular Culture and Mass Communication
Broadcast Programming and Criticism
Media Management
Seminar in Film Theory and Criticism
The Mass Media and American Politics
Cultural Studies in Mass Media
Contemporary Issues in First Amendment Law
Sports, Media, and Culture
Public Relations Theory
Public Relations Campaigns
Public Relations Case Studies
Communication Training and Consulting
Directed Studies
Special Topics in Communication
Total Hours18