Chemistry - MS

MS plan of study will consist of a minimum of 30 hours.

Chemistry (MS)
Select four of the following required core:12
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry I
Advanced Physical Chemistry
Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Advanced Biochemistry I
CHEM 7750Formal Presentations in Modern Chemistry (1 hour)1
CHEM 7950Seminar (4 hours)4
CHEM 7990Research and Thesis (4 hours)4
9 Credits in @ 6000-89999
Total Hours30

By the end of the second semester, MS students must submit a plan of study which details the courses which will be taken. This is done with the assistance of the major professor and with consent of the student's advisory committee. The rest of the courses usually are taken in the major area. Directed Study, CHEM 7930, may be taken for a maximum of 15 hours. Students must orally present their research and defend their theses in the final oral examination.