Applied Economics (Agriculture) - PhD

PhD in Applied Economics Agriculture
ECON 7110Microeconomics I3
ECON 7120Microeconomics II3
ECON 7130Mathematical Economics3
ECON 7210Macroeconomics I3
or ECON 7220 Macroeconomics II
ECON 7310Econometrics I3
or ECON 7320 Econometrics II
AGEC 7080Production Economics I3
AGEC 7090Resource Economics II3
AGEC 7110Agricultural Economic Development3
AGEC 7590Introduction to Agricultural Econometrics3
AGEC 7690Microeconometrics in Agricultural Economics I3
AGEC 7700Research Methods in Agricultural Economics3
AGEC 7960Special Problems in Agricultural Economics3
AGEC 8060Theory of Agricultural Markets3
AGEC 8080Production Economics II3
AGEC 8090Food and Agricultural Policy3
AGEC 8690Microeconometrics in Agricultural Economics II3
AGEC 8990Research and Dissertation10
Select 2 Credits in @ 6000-89992
Total Hours60