Master of Accountancy (MAcc), Graduate Certificate

Degree Program:

  • MAcc

Graduate Certificate:

  • Accountancy

Master of Accountancy (Campus or Online Options)
The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) is a professional non-thesis degree program requiring 30 semester hours and a two and one-half day campus residency. The program provides students additional technical skills, research and communication skills, as well as focused preparation on passing the Uniform CPA examination.  During spring semester, campus students enroll in six hours of coursework and the Auburn Becker CPA Exam Review.  Before graduation, campus students sit for all four parts of the CPA Exam.  

The degree may be earned as a traditional, campus student or through the online option.  Campus classes are recorded and streamed to online students.  Therefore, online students receive the same lectures and AACSB accredited degree as their campus peers. The online option is identical to the campus option regarding rigor, standards, and student accountability. The campus option may be completed in three semesters while the online option may be completed in five semesters for students who are working full-time. Online students working full-time may take only two classes per semester.

Graduate Certificate in Accountancy (Online Option)
The online Graduate Certificate in Accountancy (GCA) is an 18 semester hour non-degree seeking program offering MAcc coursework to working professionals who desire to meet one or more of the following goals:

  • Gain credentials to teach at collegiate level
  • Matriculate to MAcc with only four courses remaining
  • Enroll in graduate program without GMAT
  • Enjoy flexibility and convenience of online program
  • Take classes required for CPA Exam and certification
  • Update and expand accounting knowledge and skills
  • Enroll in a U.S. News & World Report top online graduate program

To be considered for admission to the GCA, a candidate's academic credentials and work experience must be competitive for admission to the online MAcc, excluding the GMAT. We do not advertise minimum GPA requirements, because the Admissions Committee uses a holistic approach when reviewing a candidate's application package. The Committee places high emphasis on the quality of a candidate's academic background, overall and accounting grade point averages, and work experience.  The GCA may be completed in three semesters for students who are working full-time.  Students working full-time may take only two classes per semester. While enrolled in the last semester of the GCA, students who have performed well in the program may apply to the online MAcc and have only four additional courses remaining to complete the Master of Accountancy degree.  Due to federal guidelines and regulations, Graduate Certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid.
For admission to the MAcc or GCA, students must have a four year accredited undergraduate business degree and a concentration in accounting.  Criteria for admission and degree requirements are established by the School of Accountancy. 

For more information, please visit Questions should be directed to Mrs. Andee Hodo, Director of Graduate & Online Programs in the School of Accountancy, at or (334) 844-6207.