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Communication and Journalism - CMJN


CMJN 2100/2103 CONCEPTS IN COMMUNICATIONS AND JOURNALISM (3) LEC. 2. LAB. 1. Introduction to the basic principles of various communication forms, the dominant communication theories, and communication industries. May count either CMJN 2100 or CMJN 2103.

CMJN 2910 COMMUNICATION AND JOURNALISM PRACTICUM (1-3) PRA. Departmental Approval. Practical experiences in potential career fields gained while working in professional settings. One to three hours variable credit. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours.

CMJN 3110 SPORTS MEDIA RELATIONS (3) LEC. 3. Focuses on the major concepts and theories of the management sports media relations. Will include discussion of issues, philosophies and cases. May count either sections CMJN 3110 or MDIA 4350.

CMJN 3210 NEWS AND SPORTS ANNOUNCING (3) LEC. 3. Pr. CMJN 2100 or CMJN 2103 or Departmental approval. This class focuses on the theory and practical technique of studio and field announcing. Primary emphasis will be placed on announcing for news and sports. Additional attention will be given to voice over announcing.

CMJN 3350/3353 VISUAL COMMUNICATION (3) LEC. 3. Visual literacy, cognition, aesthetics, critical evaluation, and technology in human communication, with emphasis on impact of visual media in informative, interpretive, and persuasive message.

CMJN 3410 INTRODUCTION TO SPORTS VIDEO PRODUCTION (3) LEC. 2, LST. 1. Introduction to multi-camera live sports production, video and audio editing techniques, how to operate equipment, create basic animated graphics, learn work crew positions and understand a script. Students will complete work for the SEC Network and War Eagle Productions.

CMJN 3650 RHETORIC OF SPORTS (3) LEC. 3. Examination of sports in the public sphere, using rhetorical theories to understand how sports contribute to social issues such as identity, community, ethnicity, gender, and politics. May count either CMJN 3650 or COMM 3650.

CMJN 4000 MASS MEDIA LAW AND REGULATION (3) LEC. 3. Pr. CMJN 2100 or CMJN 2103. and junior or senior standing. Laws and regulations that govern journalists, media content and industries.

CMJN 4410 ADVANCED SPORTS VIDEO PRODUCTION (3) LEC. 2, LST. 1. Pr. CMJN 3410. This course is designed to give students in-depth training that covers advanced video editing techniques and effects. In addition, students will gain experience with advanced camera operation and techniques, focusing on high-quality production throughout the process.

CMJN 4430/4433 SPORTS, MEDIA AND SOCIETY (3) LEC. 3. Cultural and professional implications of the relationship between sports and media. May count either CMJN 4430 or JRNL 4430.

CMJN 4970 SPECIAL TOPICS IN COMMUNICATION AND JOURNALISM (3) LEC. 3. Specialized topics related to the study and practice of Communication, Journalism, Media Studies and/or Public Relations.