Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences — PhD

Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 7110Ethics and Problems of Scientific and Professional Psychology1
HIED 8510Seminar in College Teaching3
PSYC 7140Learning and Conditioning3
PSYC 7150Biological Psychology3
PSYC 7190Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 7270Experimental Design in Psychology4
PSYC 7280Experimental Design in Psychology II4
PSYC 7400Cognitive Neuroscience3
PSYC 8500Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences Seminar1
PSYC 7990Research and Thesis4
PSYC 8990Research and Dissertation10
1 graduate-level PSYC course in Statistics or Methods approved by the student’s research committee3
An additional 18 credit hours of graduate-level course work approved by the student's research committee is required.18
Total Hours60