Architecture – Public Interest Design Option — MS

The Master of Science in Architecture is a post-professional program designed to provide advanced and specialized training within the discipline of architecture for students who desire in-depth, design –based research in areas of practice not offered in traditional professional degree programs at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Over time, the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture envisions the MS Architecture as a platform for several specialization “options.“ The MS Architecture curriculum will have thirty to thirty-six (30-36) credit hours of required courses (varies by option.) Common to all options will be eighteen (18) hours of core studios (6 CH each, Fall/Spring/Summer,) with the balance of credit hours made up of coursework specific to the “option.” The initial offering considered in this proposal is an Option in Public Interest Design.

The MS Architecture, Option in Public Interest Design is designed to address issues of design practice associated with pressing social issues (such as affordable housing, design for underserved communities, etc.) and will prepare students to serve these communities and to work effectively within collaborative, interdisciplinary project teams.

In addition to the aforementioned eighteen hours of core studios, the MS Architecture, Option in Public Interest Design curriculum will require five 3CH courses (two 3CH courses in the fall, two in the spring, and one in the summer) for a total of thirty-three (33) credit hours. All classes shall be taken in the full-time format. The plan of study is attached.

ARCH 7010 Fall Studio6ARCH 7020 Spring Studio6ARCH 7030 Summer Studio6
ARCH 7110 Seminar in Collaborative Design Methods and Process3ARCH 7120 Seminar in Design Tectonics 3ARCH 7130 Seminar in Project Communications3
ARCH 7210 Executive Issues: Disciplinary Framework3ARCH 7220 Executive Issues: Research Methods3