Systems & Technology — Graduate Certificate, MS, PhD

Degree Programs:

Graduate Certificates:

The Systems and Technology department (SYST) offers graduate study leading to the master of science and the doctor of philosophy degrees in Information Systems Management. The program also offers a joint program leading to both the MSIS and MBA degrees. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution. Graduates of business schools will likely have met this requirement; graduates of other programs may be required to complete additional courses to compensate for deficiencies.

Master of Science in Information Systems

The (MSIS) Program in Business is a non-thesis program that emphasizes practical application of management information systems to managerial problem solving and decision making. Students are required to complete a final project. The program is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop an expertise in a chosen area of management. Applicants to the master's program must have completed an undergraduate degree. The MSIS program is offered as a traditional, on-campus program and as an online program. A twelve-hour graduate certificate is also available. 

The MBA/MSIS is a 54-hour program administered jointly by the Systems & Technology faculty and the MBA program. The program saves the student fifteen hours of coursework over completing both degrees separately. For the MBA, students without two years full time work experience are required to do an additional 0-3-credit hour internship. Students must apply separately to each program (MISE and MBA), but only have to pay one application fee. Students can also opt to apply for the second degree program during their first year in the other program.

The PhD program in Business with Information Systems Management Concentration prepares graduates to conduct high-quality research in universities, colleges, government and business. Individual flexibility is provided in a program of study that develops the conceptual and methodological skills that graduates need to establish a leadership position in their chosen fields. Objectives of the program are accomplished through the completion of a formal program of study, successful completion of a statistics core, preparation and completion of two examination manuscripts, and dissertation research. Students with assistantships may also be required to teach. Students are expected to have a fulltime presence on campus. Applications to the PhD program must complete an Auburn University Graduate School application. For full consideration, applications must be received no later than February 1, prior to the Fall term. 

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