Public Horticulture — Graduate Certificate

This Graduate Certificate Program is designed to provide opportunities for those wishing to gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to connect traditional horticulture and public outreach. Career fields include working in public gardens, arboreta, university extension services, hospitality industry (resorts), zoos, and community gardens. Career practices include public garden administration, teaching, horticultural therapy, garden design and event planning. The curriculum includes courses that give students practical experience with horticultural skills and garden management as well as exposure to top public gardens around the world through travel and internship experiences.

Horticulture (Graduate Certificate)
HORT 6150Retail Garden Center Management3
HORT 6240Public Garden Management3
HORT 6910Horticulture Practicum4
HORT 7050Nutritional Requirements of Horticultural Plants3
HORT 7840Graduate Study/Travel in Horticulture1
HORT 7920Graduate Internship1
Total Hours15