Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Development Practice — MDP

First Year
CADS 7100 Environmental Design Theories and Applications3HDFS 6200 Applied Research and Evaluation Methods3HUSC 6940 Study and Travel in Human Sciences or 7920 Graduate Internship1-3
CADS 7040 Protocol for Graduate Study1HOSP 7500 Global Hospitality Strategy3 
NTRI 7850 Research Seminar for Master's Program1HUSC 6940 Study and Travel in Human Sciences1 
HDFS 6930 Society and Health3Elective13 
HDFS 7050 Research Methods for Human Development and Family Science, 8090 Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences, or 7070 Research Literacy in Human Development and Family Science3CADS 7950 Seminar1 
 11 11 1-3
Second Year
CADS 7930 Advanced Design Projects4
HDFS 7930 Seminar in Human Development and Family Science1
Total Hours: 32-36

Electives are selected from a list provided by program advisors.