English for Speakers of Other Languages — MEd

English for Speakers of Other Languages — MEd

English for Speakers of Other Languages — MEd (Certification, Online Option Available)

Class A Program Checklist for Teaching Field
Teaching Field: 21 hours
Required: 15 hours
ENGL 68400-3
or CTSE 6010 Language Study for Teachers
CTES 7420Applied Linguistics in Second Language Acquisition3
CTES 7460Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in P-123
CTES 7470Issues in English for Speakers of Other Languages Education (ESOL) 13
CTES 7480Assessment in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)3
Select 6 hours of advisor-approved 6000-7000 level courses in the teaching field (i.e., English, ESOL, English language arts, language, or reading)6
Survey of Special Education/Diversity Course: 3 hours
See RSED 6000 in Additional Courses AND CTES 7470 in Teaching Field 1
Additional Courses: 6 hours
Required: 3 hours of FOUN coursework
FOUN 7000Cultural Foundations of Education3
or FOUN 7020 Sociocultural and Sociopolitical Foundations of Education
or other advisor-approved 6000 level or above FOUN course
Select 3 hours from the following advisor-approved courses:3
Advanced Survey of Exceptionality 1
Other advisor-approved supporting courses 6000 level and above above 2
Internship: 3 hours
CTES 7920Clinical Residency3
Total Hours27-30