Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Biological Sciences — Graduate Certificate, MS, PhD

Degree Programs

Graduate Certificate

The Department of Biological Sciences offers graduate training leading to the MS and PhD degrees in biological sciences; a non-thesis master’s degree is optional. Candidates for advanced degrees should have an undergraduate degree in an appropriate area from an accredited institution, with adequate training in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Qualified students lacking pre-requisite subjects can be admitted but may be required by the departmental graduate studies committee to make up the pre-requisites. A satisfactory score on the general GRE is required (suggested minimums of 500 on verbal and quantitative tests).

A major of at least 30 and 60 semester hours may be taken for the MS and PhD degrees, respectively. MS and PhD students must present at least one departmental seminar on their research during the semester of their oral or final examination. There is no foreign language requirement.

Interdisciplinary minors may be taken in biochemistry, cell/molecular biology, ecology, environmental studies and plant, animal, or microbial molecular biology.