Power Engineering — Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate prepares individuals who are interested in continuing their education by seeking advanced knowledge in power engineering. Students who complete the certificate will have advanced knowledge in topics such as power electronics, power system operations, and power quality.

Complete any four (4) courses (total of 12 credit hours) from the following list of approved courses:
ELEC 6610Power Electronics3
ELEC 6620Power System Analysis3
ELEC 6630Electric Machines3
ELEC 6650Power System Protection3
ELEC 6970Special Topics (Power Quality)3
ELEC 6970Special Topics (Intro to Renewable Energy)3
ELEC 7610Power System Dynamics and Stability3
ELEC 7620Power System Operation3
ELEC 7630Advanced Electric Machines3
ELEC 7640Power System Transients3