Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

TigerCard/Tiger Club Accounts

A Tiger Club Account provides a convenient means of making purchases on campus and at selected off-campus locations using the student’s TigerCard. It can be used at bookstores, dining facilities, laundry and vending locations, copy centers, and other student services. The TigerCard is the student's official ID card. It is used at the Library, for door access on campus and may be required for other campus functions.

In order to make purchases using an AU TigerCard, an AU student first must establish a Tiger Club Account and deposit funds into that Account. Purchases will be debited from the available funds in the student’s account. Cash withdrawals are not permitted and refunds may be made only on a closed account. Refunds will be transferred to the Office of Student Financial Services and applied to any debt owed Auburn University. The Office of Student Financial Services will refund any remaining balance to the student.

Applications for a Tiger Club Account must be made electronically at Itemized statements are available for viewing online.

Additional information regarding Tiger Club Accounts may be obtained by contacting the TigerCard/Tiger Club Accounts Office located in the Student Center, Auburn University, AL 36849. Telephone: (334) 844-1220 or 1-877-345-2058. Website: