Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Real Estate Development - RDEV


RDEV 7120 FIELD STUDIES (1-3) LEC. 1-3. This course provides students with the opportunity to visit real estate development firms and ongoing projects. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

RDEV 7130 PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT (3) LEC. 3. An introduction to theory and practice as applied to fundamental topics in real property law, real estate markets, valuation, investment analysis and property financing as they effect various topics in real estate development.

RDEV 7140 REAL PROPERTY ANALYSIS (3) LEC. 3. This is a case study course, providing an overview of key concepts in real estate development and real property analysis.

RDEV 7230 REAL ESTATE MARKET ANALYSIS (3) LEC. 3. This class will provide concentrated study in real estate markets. Critical components of the course will include the study of the link between the Property and Asset Markets.

RDEV 7240 BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLES (3) LEC. 3. This course will illustrate some of the building design and construction principles that real estate development professions engage in their practice every day.

RDEV 7340 SITE PLANNING AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT (3) LEC. 3. This course examines the role that site selection and infrastructure development play in the sustainable conceptualization, feasibiltiy, and implementation of a real estate development project.

RDEV 7350 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ANALYSIS (3) LEC. 3. This class will provide concentration study in real estate investment.

RDEV 7430 REAL ESTATE PROJECT MANAGEMENT (3) LEC. 3. This course examines the real estate development process from conceptualization to actualization.

RDEV 7440 REAL ESTATE CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS (1) LEC. 1. This course will teach the basic skills necessary to become an effective negotiator. The course will include planning and preparing necessary elements for contract negotiation. Additionally, the communications skills necessary to forward the negotiation agenda will be addressed.

RDEV 7530 REAL ESTATE CAPITAL MARKETS (3) LEC. 3. This class will provide an in-depth look at the fundamental principles and practices as applied to the financing of residential and commercial real estate.

RDEV 7540 REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT LAW (3) LEC. 3. This course examines the legal issues related to acquisition, planning, design, entitlement, construction, development financing, property management, accounting, taxation, reversion, and estate planning.

RDEV 7630 REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT CAPSTONE PROJECT (5) DSL. 5. This Capstone Project seeks to develop an appreciation of real estate development process and the critical roles played by the design, planning, and construction industries