Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Parks and Recreation - PARK


PARK 2010 INTRODUCTION TO NATURE-BASED RECREATION AND MANAGEMENT (3) LEC. 3. Introduction to fundamentals of nature-based recreation; recreationists' motivations, society benefits, and management of the outdoor recreational environment. Spring.

PARK 2020 INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY PARKS AND RECREATION (3) LEC. 3. This course is an introduction to all the elements for successful community parks, recreation, and sport-facility management, administration, and programming by public agencies.

PARK 3010 ENVIRONMENTAL INTERPRETATION (3) LEC. 3. Communication theory as management and public relations tool for natural resource management. Fall.

PARK 3050 SAFETY, RISK AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF PARKS, RECREATION, AND SPORT FACILITY MANAGEMENT (3) LEC. The delivery of safe services, facilities, and activities in areas designated as parks, recreation areas, and community sporting facilities is presented from a legal, risk management, and liability perspective.

PARK 3100 LEADERSHIP IN PARKS AND RECREATION (3) LEC. 3. Introduces leadership theories and practices as applied to parks and recreation. Students examine leadership and communication skills and tools to help develop positive relationships, attitudes, motivations, and group dynamics. Leadership in outdoor recreation and adventure is highlighted.

PARK 3350 PROGRAMMING IN PARKS AND RECREATION (3) LEC. 3. The parks and recreation programmer is responsible for the development and delivery of recreation, leisure, and sport programs and activities that provide opportunities and promote healthy lifestyles for all constituents. Students will be introduced to and learn how to develop a range of park and recreation programming, including activities such as ropes courses and backcountry travel, arts and crafts such as jewelry making and photography classes, health and wellness classes, dance, drama, art, and music summer camps, sports leagues, service learning, environmental education, and birdwatching trips.

PARK 3850 PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION IN PARKS AND RECREATION (1) LEC. 1. Assessment of career opportunities. Prepares students for their parks and recreation internship and post-graduation employment and career development.

PARK 4200 NATURE, RECREATION, AND HEALTH (3) LEC. 3. Nature is a prescription for better mental and physical health. This class explores the many ways that healthy parks and recreation areas can contribute to a healthier society.

PARK 4250 ACCESS AND PARTICIPATION IN PARKS AND RECREATION (3) LEC. 3. This course examines access-to and participation-in outdoor recreation based on differences in location, gender, age, income, race, ethnicity, and physical abilities. Supply and demand analysis and the recreation constraints model to participation are used to frame class analysis.

PARK 4300 PARKS AND RECREATION ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE, AND MANAGEMENT (3) LEC. 3. Pr. (PARK 2010 or PARK 2020) and PARK 3050. Provides an advanced understanding of the administration and management critical to operating park, recreation, and community sports facilities. Topics include organizational structure, personnel management and supervision, working with community partners, interaction with customers, and managing personnel, finances, evaluation, and decision-making.

PARK 4310 SUSTAINABLE NATURE TOURISM (3) LEC. 3. Ecotourism, responsible tourism, wildlife tourism are all forms of nature tourism that can contribute positively to environmental conservation, community development, and cultural awareness, while maintaining viable businesses. A systems approach for sustainable nature tourism analysis is applied. Spring.

PARK 4400 PARK AND RECREATION FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT (3) LEC. 3. Pr. (PARK 2010 or PARK 2020) and PARK 3050. This course introduces students to the management of park and recreation facilities (i.e., national or community parks, trails, interpretative centers, campgrounds, restrooms, and community sports facilities), emphasizing planning, support, and maintenance.

PARK 4500 SUSTAINABLE PLANNING AND DESIGN OF COMMUNITY PARKS AND RECREATION (3) LEC. 3. A planning approach for viewing parks, recreation, and community sports facilities and programs as an organizing system to promote community connections, health, sustainability, and resilience. Students develop practical grant writing skills for recreation project funding.

PARK 4920 INTERNSHIP IN PARKS AND RECREATION (2-12) INT. Departmental approval. Supervised work experience in a Parks and Recreation (PARK) setting for a minimum of 50 hours/credit hour. PARK major, 2.2 cumulative GPA, and senior standing required. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credit hours.