Liberal Arts, General - LBAR


LBAR 1210 THINKING THROUGH THE ARTS (3) LEC. 3. In this course, students will attend and critically engage with a broad range of the semester’s local art exhibitions and performances. Students will reflect on their experiences as arts participants and put those responses into dialogue with secondary readings, guest lectures, and workshops with visiting artists.

LBAR 2010 LIBERAL ARTS CAREERS PREPARATION (2) LEC. 2. This course helps Liberal Arts majors to identify their strengths and talents as liberal arts students, to seek appropriate educational and extracurricular experiences, and to plan for a successful transition from college to career. May cont either LBAR 2010 or LBAR 2013.

LBAR 2020 LIBERAL ARTS ORIENTATION AND CAREERS PREPARATION (2) LEC. 2. Designed for transfer students. An introduction to the College of Liberal Arts, campus resources and involvement, and career preparation strategies to facilitate a successful transition to the college, university, and beyond.

LBAR 3910 PRACTICUM IN LIBERAL ARTS (1-3) AAB. Focused civic engagement or study abroad experiences designed to develop leadership, social responsibility, and cross-cultural awareness. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

LBAR 4010 LIBERAL ARTS CAREER PLANNING (1) DSL/PR1. 1. SU. Pr. LBAR 2010. This course aids Liberal Arts students in obtaining positions consistent with their career goals. It is a hybrid course with class meetings, career coach meetings, online lessons, career-related assignments, and experiential learning events. Must be a junior or senior student in CLA.

LBAR 4800 INTERNATIONAL STUDIES SENIOR CAPSTONE (3) LEC. 3. Pr. (LBAR 2010 and POLI 1050 and CCEN 3200 and FLGC 1150). The International Studies Capstone prepares students to develop a broad understanding of international issues of critical importance, within a wide range of academic disciplines and theories. In the final year, students are required to research a particular topic seen from a multidisciplinary perspective, within a specific region that utilizes the students’ language skills as well as their practical and personal expertise in the region. Students will need to be at the senior level and have completed all the coursework for this degree prior to taking the capstone class.

LBAR 4920 INTERNATIONAL STUDIES INTERNSHIP (3) LEC. 3. The International Studies internship is an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in an international organization, to expand their professional networks, identify personal learning goals that will enhance their career prospects. The applied experience will enable students to integrate academic coursework with work experience, career development goals, and personal values. They will see the practical way in which cross cultural issues and second language usage are manifested in a work environment.