Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

First Year Experience

First Year Experience provides programs to help the new student make the transition into Auburn University life. These programs promote intellectual and social development leading to personal and academic success. For assistance, call 334-844-4501 or visit

Camp War Eagle

Camp War Eagle is Auburn’s summer orientation experience for incoming freshmen and their parents. Sessions are held throughout the summer and engage the student and parent in the academic and social transition to college life, including meeting with the student’s academic advisor.

Successfully Orientating Students

Successfully Orienting Students (SOS) is a one-day orientation program held for all transfer students and freshmen who do not attend Camp War Eagle during the summer or who enroll in the spring semester.

First Year Seminars

First Year Seminar (FYS) courses at Auburn University help new students acclimate to multiple aspects of university life. By taking an FYS course, students can learn about academic and personal resources and services, relevant social issues, opportunities for involvement on campus and in the local community, time management, critical thinking skills, study strategies, test preparation, note taking, goal setting, and many other topics and skills vital to college success. Most students in Learning Communities take an FYS course as a part of their fall semester courses, but FYS courses are available to all new students.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are unique academic opportunities for Auburn freshmen. Each learning community is comprised of a small group of students who are co-enrolled in several core courses surrounding a particular theme or interest. By participating in a learning community, students are involved in an environment that helps them transition to college through faculty interaction, which promotes student retention and academic success. Students are also exposed to a small community of peers with similar academic interests and a supportive network of fellow students, peer educators, and professors.