Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

International Academic Opportunities

International Academic Opportunities

Access to international opportunities is provided throughout many colleges, schools, departments and other student support units. However there are several units on campus that provide specialized services for English language study, study abroad and international students attending Auburn University.

There are also opportunities to receive early English-language training and a cultural introduction to American university life through our undergraduate and graduate pathway programs. These pathway programs are further described in the Policies and Procedures for Admissions section of this Bulletin.

At the graduate level, several departments have joint programs with international university partners to earn graduate degrees in an accelerated bachelor’s/master’s format. Detailed information about these programs can be found within the various academic college and department sections of this bulletin.

International Internships, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Academic Training (AT)

Academic internship experience both within the US and abroad are highly encouraged for all disciplines and all AU students. Students interested in participating in such experiences should check with their academic units for specific requirements. For international students, practical training is available (depending on U.S. immigration status) such as Curricular Practical Training (for F-1 students only) or Academic Training (for J-1 students only). Students may also undertake academic internships abroad through the Auburn Abroad office. For further details on Auburn Abroad or CPT/AT, students should check with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

The ESL Program operates under Auburn Global and offers English language instruction to international students and visiting scholars. It provides courses in oral and written proficiency to support international students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, a course in classroom communication skills for international graduate teaching assistants, and an Intensive English program involving 20 hours of instruction per week in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation. For additional information, contact: 309 Foy Hall, (334) 844-5749; email:; or visit

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is a division of the AU Office of the Provost. Its mission is to provide leadership and relevant administrative support to academic units, faculty, students, and staff for the effective promotion and efficient adoption of Auburn University’s internationalization goals. The International Students and Scholar Service (ISSS) component of the OIP assists foreign national students, visiting scholars, and university employees in achieving their academic objectives. The Auburn Abroad unit of the OIP promotes and facilitates student and faculty participation in an international education experience through programs outside of the United States. For additional information, contact: Office of International Program, 228 Foy Hall, 334-844-5001;; or

OIP International Student and Scholar Services

The ISSS unit of the OIP provides assistance and guidance to foreign national students, visiting scholars, and University employees regarding US immigration requirements and Auburn policies for studying and/or working at Auburn University. Documentation of eligibility for study in the United States, work authorizations, and other government documents required by international students, scholars, and employees are issued and monitored by the ISSS. Currently, the university has more than 2500 international students, visiting scholars, and employees from over 90 nations. Go to the section on International Student Services for additional information.

OIP Auburn Abroad Experience

The Auburn Abroad Office is part of the Office of International Programs (OIP) and seeks to develop, expand, and facilitate opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in study, internship, research, service learning and exchange opportunities outside of the United States. Each year more than 1200 Auburn University students participate in over 90 programs through the Auburn Abroad Office. More than 90 percent of these students go on faculty led programs and exchange programs with the rest going on other university or provider programs. The Auburn Abroad Office also works with Outreach and the Office of Inclusion and Diversity on their abroad programs. By planning ahead, students can use approved university or transfer course credit earned on an Auburn Abroad Program to complete their core curriculum courses, as well as major and minor degrees.  

Auburn Abroad programs vary in length from one week, one month to one or two semesters. They run during Fall, Winter Break, Spring, Spring Break and Summer semesters. The majority of students go abroad for month long programs in the summer. Most colleges and schools within Auburn University have programs abroad tailored to their students’ needs. Students can find out about these international opportunities at by attending the Study Abroad Fair each Fall Semester and one of over 100 information sessions each year. Incoming Freshman should talk to their advisors about taking a few of their Core Curriculum courses abroad on the AU Core Curriculum Program in Barcelona, Spain during the summer.  

Requirements for acceptance into the Auburn Abroad Experience include the following: (1) a minimum institutional cumulative GPA of 2.25 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduate students, (2) the student must attain the age of 19 prior to the start date of program or have signed the minor forms, (3) the student’s record must show no pending Auburn University judicial actions and the student must be in good academic standing in their college or school. Program abroad directors may also have additional requirements for their specific programs. With the exception of Pre-Freshman Programs open to entering Fall Semester Freshman level students, students must have completed at least one semester at Auburn University before participating in a program abroad. Although some programs require prior knowledge of a foreign language, many do not.

Deadline dates for programs will vary by program. Students need to start planning at least 9 months prior to the start of the semester they want to go abroad, to ensure that they adhere to program deadlines. Students should start their Auburn Abroad exploration by attending either (1) a weekly, thirty minute Study Abroad 101 general orientation session, or (2) by contacting program directors for their specific program abroad orientation session. Study Aboard 101 Sessions are conducted via zoom and in-person on Thursdays and Fridays in the Auburn Abroad conference room, 242 Foy Hall. Check the Auburn Abroad website for times. These sessions include an introduction to the on-line Auburn Abroad application process, hints on searching for faculty led and other types of programs abroad, the credit approval process, transcript information, information on a variety of funding resources, and paperwork needed for scholarship, PACT, VA, and other benefit programs. The cost of each programs and what that cost covers is detailed on each program abroad brochure on the Auburn Abroad Program search site.

After students attend a study abroad orientation session, they are ready to select their program and start their on-line study abroad application. Instructions can be found at: Students will need to complete the on-line application, get courses approved and submit required materials by program deadlines in order to move through the approval process.

The OIP Auburn Abroad staff monitors students’ on-line Auburn Abroad applications and they and Auburn Abroad interns are ready to assist students with any questions or concerns. Once students have been approved and have committed to a program, The Auburn Abroad staff will enroll individual students in one of the following Auburn Abroad Full Time Placeholder courses: UNIV 2940/UNIV 2945, UNIV 4940/UNIV 4945UNIV 5940/UNIV 5945 or UNIV 7940/UNIV 7945. These placeholder courses will be listed on the students’ transcripts while they are abroad so that students can be considered full time students during that time. Once students complete their course work on their program abroad, the actual courses will be posted based on the type of credit the program offers per course.

Auburn University takes the health and safety of students abroad very seriously. Students enrolled in Auburn Abroad programs are required to attend Health and Safety pre-departure sessions as well as specific program sessions. Once on site, students attend another program specific session. Students are enrolled in the Auburn University International Emergency Travel Assistance plan prior to departure and will receive an enrollment card and material to read concerning the assistance plan. The Auburn Abroad staff, along with the Office of Campus Safety and Security routinely monitor global situations and will provide assistance to students in distress abroad.

Upon completion of their program abroad, returning students are encouraged to become Global Tiger Advisors, and apply for internship positions in the Auburn Abroad office. They can also share their “Tiger Tale” on the Auburn Abroad website, and submit photos from their experience abroad for the annual student photo contest. Auburn University considers Study and Internship experiences a high impact practice for students and surveys the graduating class for the percentage of students engaging in these activities.

For additional information on programs abroad, procedures for applying for programs abroad, program deadlines, cost, funding and to read returning students’ Tiger Tales, please visit the OIP Auburn Abroad Experience Website, follow Auburn Abroad on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and/or send an email to: