Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Course Numbering

The subject name (subject area) together with the course number constitutes the official designation for the course for purposes of registration and official records. The specific course title appears following the course number. The figures in parentheses denote the number of hours of semester credit for the course. Following the credit hours are listed contact hours, the estimate of the actual hours per week a student should expect to be in class. If none are listed, the course will meet each week the number of hours that equals the number of course credit hours. Next appear the pre-requisites (required courses to be taken prior to) and co-requisites (required courses to be taken simultaneously with), if applicable.

Courses are numbered according to the following system:
  • 1XXX — Undergraduate courses primarily for freshmen
  • 2XXX — Undergraduate courses primarily for sophomores
  • 3XXX — Undergraduate courses primarily for juniors
  • 4XXX — Undergraduate courses primarily for seniors
  • 5XXX — Courses (1) for professional students in Architecture, Design and Construction, and (2) undergraduate courses taught in conjunction with graduate courses
  • 6XXX — Graduate courses that are paired with parallel 5000-level course
  • 7XXX — Graduate courses. Not available to undergraduates
  • 8XXX — Graduate courses. Not available to undergraduates
  • 9XXX — Graduate courses exclusively in the professional practice doctoral degree programs (Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine). Certain courses at this level may be designated by the department and approved by the Graduate Council for graduate credit.
  • XXX1 — Undergraduate laboratory courses
  • XXX3 — Undergraduate online courses (Discontinued use in 2021)
  • XXX6 — Graduate online courses (Discontinued use in 2021)
  • XXX7 — Undergraduate courses carrying Honors College credit

For more information on course numbering, please consult Guidelines for Course Numbering.