Social Work - SOWO


SOWO 2000 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK (3) LEC. 3. Introduction to social work practice, examining career opportunities, history of the profession, practice settings, values, ethics, and types of clientele.

SOWO 2650/2653 HISTORY OF SOCIAL WELFARE (3) LEC. 3. Development of social welfare policies and programs in the United States, analysis of political, economic, and social factors involved.

SOWO 3500 CHILD WELFARE (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOCY 1000 or SOWO 2000 or SOCY 1007. Social work practice in settings dealing with child abuse and neglect, foster care, child care, and adoption.

SOWO 3600 AGING ISSUES AND SERVICES (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOCY 1000 or SOCY 1007. Introduction to social services and social work with the elderly, considering socio-cultural issues and impact on the elderly.

SOWO 3700 ADDICTIONS (3) LEC. 3. Pr. PSYC 2010 or PSYC 2017 or PSYC 2013. Addictions, theories of causality, social impact, and treatment approaches in today's society. Experiential component included.

SOWO 3800 HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT I (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 2000. Lifespan approach to biopsychosocial examination of behavior and early development, emphasizing influences of racism, sexism, and ethnocentrism.

SOWO 3850 HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT II (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 3800. Lifespan approach to biopsychosocial examination of behavior from adulthood through old age, emphasizing role of gender, sexism and sexual orientation.

SOWO 3910 FIELD PRACTICUM SEMINAR (3) PRA. 3. Pr. SOWO 2000. Introduction to fields and settings of social work practice via placement in a selected social service agency. Includes a concurrent integrative seminar to analyze the experience.

SOWO 4060 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE METHODS I (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 2000 and SOWO 3910 and (SOCY 1000 or SOCY 1007). Introduction to generalist practice methods and skills in engagement, assessment, and goal setting with individual clients.

SOWO 4070 SOCIAL WORK METHODS II (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 4060. Practice skills and perspectives required for work with families and groups.

SOWO 4080 SOCIAL WORK METHODS III (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 4060. Generalist practice theory and skills as applied to communities, organizations, and oppressed populations, emphasizing issues of social justice and social action.

SOWO 4090 SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 2650. Critical analysis of policy issues and proposals in selected social welfare programs and their impact upon current social problems and social work values and ethics.

SOWO 4920 INTERNSHIP IN SOCIAL WORK (9) FLD. 9. SU. Pr. SOWO 4080. 480-hour field experience under joint supervision of agency and university. Application of generalist practice skills and research project required.

SOWO 4950 SENIOR INTEGRATIVE SEMINAR (3) SEM. 3. Pr. SOWO 4080. Coreq. SOWO 4920. and Enrollment in SOWO 4920. Integrating theory with practice through analysis of behavior and evaluation of practice skills.

SOWO 4967 HONORS SPECIAL PROBLEMS (1-3) IND. 3. Pr. Honors College or Departmental approval. Course varies based on faculty's and student's areas of interest and expertise. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours.

SOWO 4970 SOCIAL WORK SPECIAL TOPICS (3) LEC. 3. Timely and/or controversial topics related to social work. Course content will depend upon the designated topic.

SOWO 4997 HONORS THESIS (1-3) IND. Pr. Honors College or departmental approval. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours.

SOWO 7000 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL WELFARE (3) LEC. 3. This course provides a review of the social work profession, history, and values and ethics. An overview of theory, practice, policy, and research are integrated in exploring the knowledge, values, and skills base of the social work profession.

SOWO 7010 ADVANCED CLINICAL PRACTICE (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 7020. This course provides intensive study on clinical interventions with individuals, families, and small groups across various fields of practice.

SOWO 7020 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY (3) LEC. 3. This advanced practice course teaches students to recognize selected major mental health disorders in adults, children, and youth and to become familiar with social work practice approaches used in the treatment of these disorders.

SOWO 7030 EVALUATION IN SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE (3) LEC. 3. This course examines quantitative and qualitative evaluation of agency programs and individual practice. Students will engage in hands-on individual and/or small-group research projects to experience all phases of the research process.

SOWO 7040 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE IN THE HEALTH CARE FIELD (3) LEC. 3. This course will focus on the development of social work practice skills relevant to health care settings, including assessment of the impact of illness, disability, treatment, and hospitalization on patients and families.

SOWO 7050 MENTAL HEALTH (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 7020. This course focuses on mental health social work practice with children, adolescents and adults, covering assessment and several theoretically based interventions with an emphasis on gaining practice skills. Special attention is given to strengths-based, evidence-based, and recovery-oriented practice models.

SOWO 7060 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE WITH INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES (3) LEC. 3. This foundation course prepares students to apply a generalist perspective and systems framework to social work practice with individuals and families. It emphasizes the basics of communication, interviewing, relationship building, and practice skills essential to effective assessment, intervention, and evaluation.

SOWO 7070 SOCIAL WORK WITH GROUPS AND COMMUNITIES (3) LEC. 3. Pr. SOWO 7060. This macro social work course provides an advanced examination of social work practice in groups and larger systems. Students will develop knowledge, values, and skills in areas of: group practice, community assessment, social planning, community organization, and political strategies.

SOWO 7080 POLICY PRACTICE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE (3) LEC. 3. This course will critically apply conceptual frameworks and empirical research in the examination of social issues, policies, and services, focusing on how policies affect marginalized, oppressed and disadvantaged populations.

SOWO 7090 ADVANCED SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY (3) LEC. 3. The course will review the historical development of social welfare and social policies in the United States and explore their context and underlying values. This course builds knowledge and skills to analyze and make changes in social welfare policy.

SOWO 7100 GERONTOLOGY (3) LEC. 3. The course provides a clinical foundation for clinical work practice with older adults and their families. Primary focus will be on understanding how diversity factors into the physiological, psychological, and social aspects of later life.

SOWO 7110 TRAUMA INFORMED PRACTICE (3) LEC. 3. This course examines social work practice theories and intervention approaches as they apply to practice with survivors of crisis and trauma. The course will focus on engagement, assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation and follow up on all social work practice levels.

SOWO 7120 PSYCHOSOCIAL CONTEXT OF DISABILITY (3) LEC. 3. Prepares the social worker to be an effective practitioner for persons with disabilities by exploring the psychosocial context of the lives and experiences of persons with disabilities and their families from various perspectives.

SOWO 7130 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE WITH CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS (3) LEC. 3. This course develops advanced clinical social work practice knowledge and skills to engage and intervene with children and adolescents with health and mental health risk and provides knowledge for community social workers serving children who are exposed to stress.

SOWO 7140 DIVERSITY AND DIFFERENCE IN PRACTICE (3) LEC. 3. Students must be admitted to the Masters of SocialWork Program to enroll in this course.

SOWO 7700 FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH (3) LEC. 3. This course provides a study of quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to build knowledge for social work practice. Students will be prepared to develop, implement and communicate ethical, empirically-based scientific knowledge.

SOWO 7800 HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT (3) LEC. 3. This graduate-level foundation course covers theories, themes, and issues that influence individual and group and development across the life span- in interaction with the environment- as it underlies social work practice and research.

SOWO 7920 GENERALIST FIELD (10) INT. 10. SU. This course prepares students for responsible, competent entry into the profession by providing opportunities to practice social work with a generalist perspective in agency settings under educational supervision. This course requires completion of 432 total hours in an agency setting.

SOWO 7930 ADVANCED FIELD (12) INT. 12. SU. Pr. SOWO 7920. This course provides upper level graduate social work students with opportunities to develop advanced generalist and clinical practice skills under the supervision of an MSW Field Instructor. Students complete 512 hours in an approved agency during this field experience. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 18 credit hours.

SOWO 7950 INTEGRATIVE SEMINAR (3) SEM. 3. Pr. SOWO 7020 and P/C SOWO 7930. This seminar course assists students in integrating and applying classroom learning with the advanced field placement. Opportunities are provided for case presentation, discussion and peer consultation.

SOWO 7970 GRANT WRITING (3) LEC. 3. Developing effective grant writing skills are essential toacquire competitive funding from government agencies andprivate foundations. Writing a successful grant proposalis a blend of art and science. It requires basic knowhow,content knowledge, writing proficiency, strong researchskills, creativity, organizational ability, patience, anda great deal of luck. This course will provide studentswith the background necessary to develop a competitivefunding proposal. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.