Liberal Arts, General - LBAR


LBAR 1010 ORIENTATION TO LIBERAL ARTS (1) LEC. 1. SU. This course is designed to help students who are currently undeclared liberal arts students explore the various majors and opportunities the College of Liberal Arts provides.

LBAR 2010/2013 LIBERAL ARTS CAREERS PREPARATION (2) LEC. 2. This course helps Liberal Arts majors to identify their strengths and talents as liberal arts students, to seek appropriate educational and extracurricular experiences, and to plan for a successful transition from college to career. May cont either LBAR 2010 or LBAR 2013.

LBAR 3910 PRACTICUM IN LIBERAL ARTS (1-3) AAB. Focused civic engagement or study abroad experiences designed to develop leadership, social responsibility, and cross-cultural awareness. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.