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Intl Programs-Special Topics - INTL


INTL 1800 ORAL PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (3) LEC. 3. Departmental approval. International students develop lecture note-taking skills, classroom oral presentation skills on general and specific subjects, and debating skills. None for degree-enrolled students; for transient students.

INTL 1820 CLASSROOM COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR INTERNATIONAL TEACHING ASSISTANTS (3) LEC. 3. SU. Oral language skills required for effective classroom communication.

INTL 1830 WRITING PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (3) LEC. 3. Skills that international students need to undertake successful research writing in English.

INTL 1840 READING SKILLS FOR ESL (3) LEC. 3. Comprehend extensive university-level readings, identify author's audience, purpose, viewpoint and tone, read 250 words per minute. None for degree-enrolled student; for transient students, one of the following: pBT TOEFL of 500, iBT TOEFL of 61, IELTS of 6.

INTL 1977 SPECIAL TOPICS IN INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY (2) LEC. 2. Pr. Honors College A pre-Freshman international experience for select students. Open to all majors. Historical and contemporary sustain ability issues are examined.