Global Studies/Human Sciences - GSHS


GSHS 2000 GLOBAL STUDIES HUMAN SCIENCES (3) LEC. 3. An introduction to global studies with emphasis on topics relevant to Human Sciences majors.

GSHS 3000 GLOBAL STUDIES IN HUMAN SCIENCES LECTURE SERIES (1) LEC. 1. Pr. GSHS 2000. Invited speakers and lectures will explore global studies topics from a human sciences perspective.

GSHS 4920 GLOBAL STUDIES INTERNSHIP (12) INT. 450. Pr. GSHS 2000 and GSHS 3000. Supervised professional internship in an international setting. Senior standing and 2.25 GPA.

GSHS 5000 GLOBAL STUDIES IN HUMAN SCIENCES CAPSTONE (3) LEC. 3. Pr. GSHS 2000 and GSHS 3000 and GSHS 4920. A capstone course designed to bring global studies issues that are relevant to the human sciences field into focus through problem-based learning.