Earth System Science - ESSI


ESSI 8000 EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE AND GLOBAL CHANGE (3) LEC. 3. The course explores the Earth system as a whole, with an emphasis on the interrelationships between geological, biological, climatological, and human systems on regional and global scales.

ESSI 8100 EARTH SYSTEM OBSERVATIONS AND ANALYSIS (3) LEC. 2. LAB. 2. Pr. GSEI 1200 and GSEI 2070. Course reviews recent advances in earth system observations and provides students opportunity to develop holistic understanding of key parameters and processes of the earth system including biosphere, atmosphere, and oceans processes using observations.

ESSI 8200 EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE SEMINAR (1) SEM. 1. SU. Students deliver oral presentations based upon their research and provide constructive criticism of their peers' presentations. Topics of presentations may include student’s dissertation research areas or critical examination of current research problems in Earth system science.

ESSI 8990 RESEARCH AND DISSERTATION (1-3) DSR. Theoretical and practical aspects of designing dissertation research in the interdisciplinary Earth System Science program. The course is designed to assist students through the proposal and dissertation writing and presentation processes and to prepare for the dissertation defense. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 10 credit hours.