Environmental Science - ENVI


ENVI 1010 INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (1) LEC. 1. Introduction to the environmental science field and the ENVI major. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours.

ENVI 1020 FUNDAMENTALS OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (2) LEC. 2. Preference given to students for whom the course is required. Survey of fundamental concepts, issues, and concerns related to environmental science.

ENVI 2010 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SEMINAR (1) LEC. 1. Pr. ENGL 1120 or ENGL 1127. ENGL 1120 and departmental approval. Discussion of current issues in environmental science.

ENVI 3000 INTRODUCTION TO STREAM RESTORATION (4) LEC. 2. LAB. 4. Introduction to concepts necessary for stream restoration design, construction, and maintenance and how they relate to the physical, chemical and biological processes of streams. Students will participate in research associated with stream restoration by assessing steam stability and classifying streams.

ENVI 4950 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SENIOR SEMINAR (2) LEC. 2. Pr. (ENGL 1120 or ENGL 1127) and ENVI 1010 and ENVI 1020. Departmental approval. This course will cover oral and written professional presentations, assessment of students in the ENVI major via standardized testing, and student assessment via exit surveys.

ENVI 4980 UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH (2-4) IND. Departmental approval. Directed research in the area of specialty within the department. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 4 credit hours.

ENVI 6100 CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS (3) LEC. 3. An overview of climate change for the non-climate scientist, how climate change affects global environments (forests, oceans, lakes, coasts, agriculture) in recent time periods and how historic records are used to study past climate change impacts.