Environmental Design - ENVD


ENVD 2000 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES I (3) LEC. 3. Pr. ARCH 1000 or INDD 1120 or BSCI 1100. Or ENVD major. Core knowledge of design and construction disciplines and business practices related to human-designed environments. Includes national and global perspectives and focus on interdisciplinary studies.

ENVD 2010 INTRODUCTION TO DESIGN AND DESIGN METHODS (3) LEC. 3. Introduces students to the importance of design and basic design methods.

ENVD 2040 DESIGN, INVENTION AND SOCIETY (3) LEC. 3. Role of design and invention in society from the ancient to the contemporary world.

ENVD 2100 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN WORKSHOP I (6) LAB. 6. Pr. ENVD 2000. Departmental approval. Focus on general technical skill set for environmental design foundations. Digital media introduction, structure and fabrication techniques, design communication development.

ENVD 2200 READINGS IN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE (3) SEM. 3. Investigates the idea of landscape through a range of texts, images, and built works that have helped form, and continue to shape, our understanding of the landscape. First year of B.ENVD.

ENVD 3000 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES II (3) LEC. 3. Pr. ENVD 2100. Departmental approval. Advanced knowledge of design, construction and planning disciplines and practice. National/global environmental design issues, focus on interdisciplinary concepts, hybrid practices, & sustainability.

ENVD 3100 CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND RESEARCH METHODS (3) LEC. 3. Pr. ENVD 3000. Departmental approval. Civic engagement and research methods for environmental design. This is a research prep course to develop research methods, projects, and community partnerships for summer ENVD 4100 workshop capstone.

ENVD 3200 SYSTEMS IN BUILT ENVIRONMENT I (3) SEM. 2.5. Pr. ENVD 2100. Focus on research of different systems in built environments, and different research methods that can be used in design in order to understand and represent them.

ENVD 3300 SYSTEMS IN BUILT ENVIRONMENT II (3) SEM. 2.5. Pr. ENVD 2100. Focuses on application of research from design and construction disciplines in built environment through testing and prototyping, thus exploring potential for application in a larger context.

ENVD 4000 ELEMENTS OF URBAN DESIGN (3) SEM. 3. Pr. ENVD 2100. ENVD 4000 provides environmental design students with an introduction to urban design theories, methods and processes through combination of lectures and hands-on instruction.

ENVD 4010 ELEMENTS OF DESIGN THINKING AND COMMUNICATION (3) LEC. 3. This is a 3-credit hour class that builds design communication skills through a series of projects that utilize both hand-rendering and digital media.

ENVD 4100 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN WORKSHOP II - CAPSTONE (6) LEC. 6. Pr. ENVD 3100. Environmental design knowledge & technical skill set using principles of collaboration, leadership & effectiveness training, hands-on experience, civic engagement & design communication skills.

ENVD 4500 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE (3) SEM. 3. Pr. ENVD 3000. Enable students to learn elements of professional communication; create persuasive portfolio of their work; and to seek, and prepare for, internship and job opportunities.

ENVD 4970 SPECIAL TOPICS IN ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN (3) LEC. 3, AAB. 0. Pr. MKTG 3310 or MKTG 3317. Topics include: digital production, portfolio making and design thinking.

ENVD 5030 STUDIES IN DESIGN THINKING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (3) SEM. 3. Study and application of design and innovation thinking in entrepreneurship, with a special emphasis on social entrepreneurship. May count either ENVD 5030 or ENVD 6030.