Community and Civic Engagement - CCEN


CCEN 2000 INTRODUCTION: COMMUNITY AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT (3) LEC. 3. Introduction to Community and Civic Engagement introduces students to the context, issues, skills, and experience of citizenship and civic leadership in a democratic society.

CCEN 3000 CAPSTONE IN COMMUNITY AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT (1) PRA. 1. SU. Completion of 15 credits toward Minor in Community and Civic Engagement. This course is required for minors in CEE. The capstone requires students to draw upon the knowledge obtained throughout their coursework and to perform relevant service projects.

CCEN 3200 LEADERSHIP FOR A GLOBAL SOCIETY (3) LEC. 3. This heavily discussion- and project-based seminar, coupled with reading list and plethora of guests, activities, and online resources, offers participants the tools required or effective leadership in an increasingly global society.

CCEN 7900 COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP PRACTICUM (3) LEC. 3. This course provides graduates in CCL an opportunity to integrate course content, personal commitments, and real world experience. Completion of 9 credits toward Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Community Leadership.