Applied Biotechnology - APBT


APBT 1000 INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY (1) LEC. 1. Introduction to the field of biotechnology including key concepts from biology, chemistry, and physics, and career opportunities.

APBT 3100 APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY I (4) LEC. 2. LAB. 5. Pr. BIOL 1030 and APBT 1000. This course provides an overview of the basic cellular processes harnessed by biotechnology and an introduction to recombinant DNA and its applications. It combines lectures with labs to provide hands-on experience with molecular techniques, DNA cloning, and heterologous protein expression.

APBT 4100 APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY II (4) LEC. 2. LAB. 4. Pr. BIOL 1030 and (BIOL 3000 or AGRI 3000) and APBT 3100. or instructor's approval. Principle and up-to-date advances of genetic modification of organisms; its practices and influences in a broad range of basic and applied sciences which have revolutionized "mean" of sustainable agriculture.