Certificate — Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This undergraduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (17-18 hours) prepares individuals to explain geospatial science components and how they can assist in solving geographic problems; select the appropriate scale and map projections to use for various GIS applications; create and maintain geospatial datasets; and select the appropriate spatial dataset formats to use for various GIS applications.  This certificate is designed for aspiring geospatial professionals who want to become more skillful users of GIS methods, software, and related tools.

The concentrated Curriculum has four courses required for a total of 15 hours. Students can choose from approved electives for courses that are at least 2 credit hours. Total hours for GISc Certificate is 17-18 hours.

Required Core Courses (15 hours)

GEOG 5830 (4cr) Geography Information Systems

GEOG 5820 (4cr) Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing

GEOG 5880 (3cr) Advanced Geography Information Systems

GEOG 3810 (4cr) Cartography and Graphics

Elective Courses (2 hours minimum)

BSEN 5220 (3cr) Geospatial Technologies in Biosystems

FORY 5480 (2cr) GIS Database Design and Analysis

CPLN 5460 (3cr) Geography Information Systems for Planning and Policy

GEOG 5850 (3cr) Geography Information Systems Applications

GEOG 5700 (3cr) Quantitative Methods and Spatial Analysis

GEOL 5100 (3cr) Hydrogeology