Auburn Bulletin 2023-2024

Urban Forestry

The Department of Horticulture (HORT) and the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment (CFWE) offer an Urban Forestry minor for graduate students. Urban Forestry is the design, establishment and maintenance of urban forests to enhance the economic value of cities and to provide a healthier environment for people. The minor promotes interdisciplinary studies and trains students for employment in the urban forestry arena. Auburn University, with its strengths in Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Community Planning and Agriculture and its proximity to major urban centers such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbus and Montgomery, offers a unique opportunity for urban forestry research and education.

To be eligible for the minor, students must be enrolled in the master of natural resources, master of agriculture, master of science or PhD degree program in HORT or CFWE. To complete the minor, students must:

  1. Develop an advisory committee including faculty from both CFWE and HORT;
  2. Complete a thesis/dissertation research project that pertains to urban forestry, or in the case of master of natural resources and master of agriculture degrees, complete an approved three-credit hour directed study in urban forestry;
  3. Complete FORY 6650, HORT 7850 /FORY 7850 and at least one undergraduate or graduate course in tree identification.
  4. Complete at least nine semester hours from a list of approved core courses, at least one of which must be outside of the home department or school.

For more information, contact the graduate program officer at the Department of Horticulture or the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment.