Pre-Physical Therapy and Pre-Physician Assistant

Curriculum in Pre-Physical Therapy (PPHS) and Pre-Physician Assistant

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
MATH 1610 Calculus I4Core History I3
CHEM 1030 Fundamentals Chemistry I3CHEM 1040 Fundamental Chemistry II3
CHEM 1031 Fundamental Chemistry I Laboratory1CHEM 1041 Fundamental Chemistry II Laboratory1
BIOL 1020 Principles of Biology3BIOL 1030 Organismal Biology3
BIOL 1021 Principles of Biology Laboratory1BIOL 1031 Organismal Biology Laboratory1
SCMH 1890 Pre-Health Professions Orientation1 
 16 14
PHYS 1500 General Physics I4PHYS 1510 General Physics II4
CHEM 2070 Organic Chemistry I3PSYC 2010 Introduction to Psychology3
CHEM 2071 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1Core Social Science3
Core History II3BIOL 3000 Genetics4
Core Literature3 
COMM 1000 Public Speaking3 
 17 14
BIOL 2500 Human Anatomy and Physiology I4BIOL 2510 Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 3200 General Microbiology3PHIL 1030 Ethics and the Health Sciences3
Core Fine Arts3Psychology Elective3
STAT 2510 Statistics for Biological and Health Sciences3 
PSYC 3120 Developmental Psychology3 
 16 10
Total Hours: 87

Students should declare a major when they have completed 60 hours.


The Chemistry CHEM 1110/CHEM 1111- CHEM 1120/CHEM 1121 sequence can substitute for CHEM 1030/CHEM 1031- CHEM 1040/CHEM 1041. See advisor for details.


Students who complete a HIST sequence other than HIST 1010 and HIST 1020 should see an advisor for CORE SOC SCI choices.