Leadership Minor

Minor in Leadership

Auburn University offers an interdisciplinary Leadership Minor (LEAD). In order to pursue a minor in leadership, students should file a minor declaration, in consultation with the LEAD advisor/coordinator, as early as possible. The declaration is ideally completed within the first semester of taking courses toward the minor. The completion and filing of the declaration is a prerequisite to enrolling the senior capstone class (LEAD 4000) in the LEAD minor. Courses required in the student’s major may not be counted toward the minor even if they are on the list of accepted courses. Courses counted toward Core Curriculum requirements may not be counted toward the minor. At least 3 hours must be taken from each of five competency areas, with 9 of the 15 hours at the 3000 level or above. The competency areas are: I. Leadership Knowledge and Theory, II. Communication, III. Problem Solving and Decision Making, IV. Vision of Civic and Social Responsibility, and V. Service Learning.

15 semester Hours in minor (minimum 9 hours at 3000-level or above)

Leadership Foundations
LEAD 2000Foundations of Leadership3
Leadership Theory and Practice
LEAD 4000Leadership in Practice3
Select 3 hours:3
Organizational Behavior
Social Psychology
International Public Relations
Global Fluency and Awareness
Advanced Agricultural Leadership Development
Small Group Communication
Introduction to Workplace Communication
Intercultural Communication
Advanced Public Speaking
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Select 3 hours:3
Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Principles of Management
Management Foundations
Sociology of Natural Resources and the Environment
Social Issues
Music and Science
Civic Engagement
Select 3 hours:3
Sociology: Global Perspective
Minority Groups
American Local Government
Community Organization
Hunger: Causes, Consequences, and Responses
Introduction to Women's Studies
Leadership for a Global Society
Nonprofit Management
Issues in Public Administration
The Civil Rights Movement
Introduction: Community and Civic Engagement
Practicum in Liberal Arts
Introduction to Africana Studies
Community Journalism
Total Hours15