Minor in Environmental Design

15 semester hours required for minor.

The ENVD minor allows students from design and non-design disciplines to enrich and broaden their education through the understanding and application of design and design thinking methods.  In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, design and design thinking methods are becoming appropriated  by businesses and different organizations as tools that help them with problem-solving in a creative and effective  manner.  Education in design and design thinking provides a framework for a quick and effective problem-solving embedded in understanding of human activities.

Students who acquire an ENVD minor will be able to demonstrate nimbleness and adaptability in the real world, the ability to approach issues from many different angles, and offer constructive and effective methods for human-centric problem-solving. These skills will enable them to offer a well-rounded, competitive portfolio, regardless of their major. The ENVD minor will enable them to be more competitive candidates for positions in both the public and the private sectors and in design professions as well as in other disciplines such as engineering, business, the sciences, education, and others.

Students will be able to:

- understand the social, cultural and economic forces that shape design proposals;

- engage in and understand a basic design process;

- develop the ability to engage in and create opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaborations;

- understand applicability and benefits of design thinking as a creative problem solving approach in non-design disciplines.

Minimum GPA to apply is 2.5.

Lower Level Courses (maximum 6 credit hours): 6
Environmental Design Workshop I (or)
Environmental Design Concepts and Practices I
and Readings in Landscape Architecture
Upper Level Courses (at least 9 credit hours form these courses):9
Environmental Design Concepts and Practices II
Elements of Design Thinking and Communication
Special Topics in Environmental Design
Studies in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship
Total Hours15