Curriculum in Environmental Design - Pre-Landscape Architecture Track

The bachelor of science in environmental design pre-landscape architecture track is preparation for the Master of Landscape Architecture graduate program. Pre-landscape architecture students begin taking the first three semesters of the Master of Landscape Architecture program in the summer after their third year of undergraduate study. Successful performance in the coursework leads to advanced placement in the Master of Landscape Architecture program. 

See Advisor for current curriculum model.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Core Science 144Core Science 244
Core Math3Core Fine Arts (Humanities)3
ARCH 1000 Careers in Design and Construction1Directed Elective 13
Core Social Science23 
 14 13
Core Literature (Humanities)13Core Humanities33ENVD 2100 Environmental Design Workshop I6
HIST 1010/1017 World History I3HIST 1020/1027 World History II3 
Directed Elective 23ENVD 2000 Environmental Design Concepts and Practices I3 
GEOG 1010 Global Geography3ENVD 2200 Readings in Landscape Architecture3 
 12 12 6
PHIL 1070 Art, Value, and Society3ENVD 3100 Civic Engagement and Research Methods3LAND 5130/6130 Studio I: Foundation Studio1,65
ENVD 3000 Environmental Design Concepts and Practices II3CPLN 5000/6000 History and Theory of Urban Form3LAND 5131/6131 Fieldwork I1,61
LAND 5290/6290 Graphic Studies II3LAND 5240 History, Theory, and Practice II: Landscape Architecture and Contemporary Culture3LAND 5140/6140 History, Theory, and Practice I: Landscape Architecture and Contemporary Urbanism1,63
ENVD 4010 Elements of Design Thinking and Communication3ENVD 4970 Special Topics in Environmental Design3LAND 5150/6150 Construction I: Landform & Hydrology1,62-3
  LAND 5160/6160 Graphic Studies I1,62-3
  If a student successfully completes the Pre-Landscape Architecture summer program, then the student progresses into the remainder of the Pre-Land curriculum. Otherwise the student will return to the basic ENVD degree plan 
 12 12 13-15
LAND 5230 Studio II5LAND 5330 Studio III5
LAND 5231 Fieldwork II1LAND 5331 Fieldwork III1
LAND 5250 Construction II: Materials & Detailing2-3LAND 5340 History, Theory, and Practice III: Pre-Modern Landscapes3
LAND 5270/6270 Plant Spatiality2LAND 5250 Construction II: Materials & Detailing2-3
GEOG 5830/6830 Geographic Information Systems4LAND 5370 Plant Ephemerality2
UNIV 4AA0 University Graduation0LAND 5360 Dynamic Systems I: Urban Ecologies3
 14-15 16-17
Total Hours: 124-128