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Auburn University’s General Education Goals and Outcomes

Auburn University has identified seven General Education Goals, representing the knowledge, skills, and perspectives graduates will attain through their academic programs, including the Core Curriculum. These goals and associated student learning outcomes are listed below.

General Education Goals

Information Literacy
  • Students will be information literate.
Analytical Skills and Critical Thinking
  • Students will be able to read analytically and critically.
  • Students will be able to critique and construct an argument effectively.
  • Students will be able to apply simple mathematical methods to the solution of real-world problems.
Effective Communication
  • Students will be able to write effectively.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
Informed and Engaged Citizenship
  • Students will be informed about world geopolitical systems.
Intercultural Knowledge and Diversity Awareness
  • Students will understand and appreciate the diversity of and within societies of the United States and the world.
Scientific Literacy
  • Students will understand and appreciate methods and issues of science and technology.
Aesthetic Appreciation and Engagement
  • Students will understand and appreciate the arts and aesthetics as ways of knowing and engaging with the world.

Students are introduced to these goals in the Core Curriculum and develop higher levels of competency within majors and by co-curricular experiences.