Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology - MA

COUN 8530Contemporary Issues in Counseling Psychology3
COUN 7250Advanced Assessment and Diagnosis in Counseling3
COUN 7320Counseling Theories3
COUN 7330Counseling Diverse Populations3
COUN 7340Group Counseling3
COUN 7350Introduction to Counseling Practice3
ERMA 8350Advanced Measurement Theory3
Select 6 Hours of COUN 7910 or COUN 89106
Stats courses approved by program 6
Total Hours33

COUN 8910: Advanced Practicum can substitute for COUN 7910 (the student must still complete 6 credits total from COUN 7910 or COUN 8910).

In addition to the above stated requirements, students must submit documentation of their clinical hours (including hours of direct provision of psychotherapy services to clients), evaluation forms completing by external supervisors for the two semesters of COUN 7910 (COUN 8910, if used to substitute for COUN 7910), and annual self-evaluations required by the program using the program form.

The student must meet the following additional outcomes beyond completion of courses with grades of Satisfactory (for S/U) courses and a GPA of 3.0 or better for traditionally graded courses: (A) accumulate 100 hours of direct provision of psychotherapy services to clients; (B) receive ratings of "meets expectations" or better in two semesters of practicum (COUN 7910 or COUN 8910) for the following items on the student evaluation form completed by external supervisors: (1) ability to form good relationships with clients, (2) ability to work with diverse clients (a rating of "cannot judge" is acceptable for one of the two semesters of this particular outcome but no ratings of "below expectations" or worse are acceptable for the two semesters used to meet this required outcome for the MA degree), and (3) ability to handle cases more effectively as a result of supervision; (C) two semesters of practicum ratings in which they did not receive a rating suggesting that the supervisor believes the student violated ethical principles of psychologists (this criterion requires that, for two semesters of practicum, a supervisor not indicate "yes" in response to the question, "Do you have any reason to believe that the student has violated ethical principles of psychologists?" found on the rating form that is completed by external supervisors); (D) successful completion of an outcome assessment assignment used in COUN 7910 (successful completion is defined as "acceptable/meets expectations/satisfactory" or better); and (E) receive a rating of satisfactory on making progress in research from program faculty during annual faculty evaluations of students.