Real Estate Development - MRED

The Auburn University Executive Master of Real Estate Development (AUMRED) program is an executive graduate degree offered jointly by the College of Architecture, Design and Construction and the College of Business. The program emphasizes best development practices related to environmental sustainability, economic resilience, social responsibility, financial feasibility and design excellence. It provides a targeted understanding of multiple disciplines that puts students at an advantage in their real estate development careers. The program is entrepreneurially and industry focused, designed for practicing professionals with a minimum of three to five years in real estate development or related fields (real estate or mortgage brokerage, architecture, landscape architecture, community planning and building construction, for example). It combines short, intense on-campus residencies with distance modules and four-day field trips to nationally and internationally significant cities and development projects each semester. The curriculum consists of 39 credit hours that are delivered over a two-year/six semester period.

Information concerning specific program requirements may be obtained by visiting

First Year
RDEV 7126 Field Studies1RDEV 7126 Field Studies1RDEV 7126 Field Studies1
RDEV 7136 Principles of Real Estate Development3RDEV 7236 Real Estate Market Analysis3RDEV 7346 Site Planning and Infrastructure Development3
RDEV 7146 Real Property Analysis3RDEV 7246 Building Design and Construction Principles3RDEV 7356 Real Estate Investment Analysis3
 7 7 7
Second Year
RDEV 7126 Field Studies1RDEV 7126 Field Studies1RDEV 7126 Field Studies1
RDEV 7436 Real Estate Project Management3RDEV 7536 Real Estate Securitization3RDEV 7636 Real Estate Development Capstone Project5
RDEV 7446 Real Estate Contract Negotiations1RDEV 7546 Real Estate Development Law3 
 5 7 6
Total Hours: 39

Graduate Executive Programs

The Graduate Executive Programs comprise the Executive MBA, the Physicians Executive MBA, and the Masters of Real Estate Development Executive programs.  These programs are designed to be taken as a cohort with one start in the Fall of each year, an exact sequence of courses taken each term and with graduation in the Spring – five semesters later.

Non-Standard Calendar:

Due to the hybrid nature of these Graduate Executive programs, which use a format that combines on-campus residency with online learning, the residencies typically occur during breaks on campus. See the relevant program website for the exact calendar dates per term for each executive program.

Full-Time Credit Hour Requirements:

Students in the Graduate Executive Programs are restricted to the exact courses which are offered to that cohort in any one semester.

The course load varies from term to term – from a minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of 9 hours.

The course load is thus considered to be full time as they cannot take more hours or less as they follow the mandated and approved curriculum.

Tuition Costs Excluded VA Benefit Coverage:

VA benefits will not cover costs for lodging, meals, travel, books, supplies or memberships to organizations.  As many of these costs are included in the Graduate Executive Programs’ tuition, those costs have been broken out and will be billed separately.  See the relevant program website for the exact amounts per term.