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PhD Nutrition with an option in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Course requirements for the PhD degree with an option in hotel and restaurant management include:

  • HRMT specialization: a minimum of 34 credit hours, including:
    HRMT 6530Science of Quality Service in Hospitality3
    HRMT 7000Hospitality Enterprise3
    HRMT 7010Advanced Tourism Analysis3
    HRMT 8860Current Issues in Hospitality Management3
    HRMT 8870Advanced Hospitality Management Research and Applications3
    HRMT 8880Theoretical Developments for Hospitality3
    Graduate-level HRMT and/or related courses.At least 16
  • Research support: a minimum of 16 credit hours, including:
    NTRI 7050Methods Of Research2
    NTRI 8850Research Seminar for Doctoral Program2
    ERMA 7300Design and Analysis in Education I3
    ERMA 7310Design and Analysis in Education II3
    Graduate-level research/statistics courses.At least 6
  • Dissertation: a minimum of 10 credit hours of NTRI 8990.

Examples of HRMT Specialization Elective Courses:

HRMT 6460Catering And Event Management (Fall-1 hr. and Spring Semester-2 hrs.)1
HRMT 6461Catering and Event Management2
HRMT 6550Club Management3
HRMT 6540Conference Coordination3
NTRI 6380Study/Travel in Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management1-6
HRMT 7920Prof Internship In Hrmt3

The hotel and restaurant management option may take supporting courses in such areas as management, marketing, economics, and education. Course requirements for becoming a registered dietitian may be met during the graduate program by enrolling in additional required courses. Teaching, research, and extension assistantships are awarded competitively to qualified students.