MS Nutrition with an option in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Required courses for the thesis track with an option in hotel and restaurant management include:

HOSP 6530Science of Quality Service in Hospitality3
HOSP 6570Global Hospitality3
HOSP 7000Hospitality Enterprise3
HOSP 7010Advanced Tourism Analysis3
HOSP 8860Current Issues in Hospitality Management3
ERMA 7300Design and Analysis in Education I3
NTRI 7850Research Seminar for Master's Program1
NTRI 7990Research And ThesisMinimum of 5
NTRI 7050Methods Of Research2
Elective CoursesMinimum of 4

The non-thesis track in the hotel and restaurant management option is available through both distance education and on campus. Required courses for the non-thesis track with an option in hotel and restaurant management include:

NTRI 7050/7056Methods Of Research2
NTRI 7980/7986Nonthesis ResearchMinimum of 5
HOSP 6530/6536Science of Quality Service in Hospitality3
HOSP 6570/6576Global Hospitality3
HOSP 7000/7006Hospitality Enterprise3
HOSP 7010/7016Advanced Tourism Analysis3
HOSP 8860/8866Current Issues in Hospitality Management3
ERMA 7300/7306Design and Analysis in Education I3
NTRI 7850/7856Research Seminar for Master's Program1
Elective CoursesMinimum of 7

Examples of elective courses for the MS with an option in hotel and restaurant management may include:

HOSP 6460Catering And Event Management (Fall-1 hr. and Spring Semester-2 hrs.)1
HOSP 6461Catering And Event Management2
HOSP 6550Club Management3
HOSP 6540Conference Coordination3
NTRI 6380Study/Travel in Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management1-6
HOSP 7920Professional Internship In Hospitality Management3
HOSP 7106The Business of Brewing3
HOSP 7116Brewing Materials3
HOSP 7126Science of Brewing I3
HOSP 7136Science of Brewing 23
HOSP 7146Facilities and Operations3
HOSP 7916Practicum in Brewing Science1-3