Integrated Design & Construction - MIDC

The Master of Integrated Design & Construction program at Auburn University is designed to prepare graduates for success in a rapidly shifting industry and to prepare students who will be the professionals leading the future evolution of design and construction. In the U.S., these industries are experiencing significant changes in the relationship between their respective professionals and the delivery systems they employ. Through a variety of models, these formerly fragmented professions are crafting new ways of working together and exploiting new technologies to create more efficient, economical, and sustainable projects in the built environment.

Historically, architecture and construction management students have been trained in separated academic environments that did not capitalize on opportunities to work collaboratively. The Master of Integrated Design & Construction program at Auburn University seeks graduate students from the design, engineering, construction, and civil engineering disciplines who will embrace teamwork, collaboration, and empathy within the differing disciplinary roles and responsibilities. Commensurate with its mission, interdisciplinary courses are offered in lecture, seminar and studio formats. The program is three semesters (Fall-Spring-Summer), after which successful candidates would be awarded the Master of Integrated Design & Construction degree.

Interested students should complete an on-line application through the Graduate School, and have transcripts sent directly to the university from all undergraduate institutions attended. The GRE is not required for this program. Applicants should also send the following directly to the program, whose address is on the MIDC website:

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Portfolilo of representative work (students with design/architecture undergraduate degrees)
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Self-analysis of discipline-relevant technology

The 36 credit-hour program, jointly housed in the School of Architecture and the McWhorter School of Building Science, features a focus that is unique. Through current models of professional practice, it delivers the development and study of high performance projects in the built environment via a dynamically collaborative and integrated framework. Among other tools, the program will capitalize on a new generation of digital resources such as BIM, parametric modeling, web-based shared work environments, and other innovations to facilitate collaboration.

Students take required 3-credit courses 6510, 6640, 7650, 7550, the 1-credit lab 7551, and also the 7-credit studios 6610 and 7630, 6-credit studio 6620, as well as one additional 3-credit graduate elective.

For more information, see the program’s web site at .

INDC 6510Design & Construction Process3
INDC 6610Design Build Studio7
INDC 6620Design Construction Studio6
INDC 6640Sustainability for Integrated Project Delivery3
INDC 7550Collaborative Practice3
INDC 7551Collaborative Practice Lab1
INDC 7650Executive Issues3
INDC 7630Design Construction Summary Comprehensive Studio7
Select 3 Credits in @ 6000-8999 (Electives)3
Total Hours36