Forest Finance & Investment - Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Forest Finance & Investment Requirements

This Graduate Certificate will prepare students to be more knowledgeable in operating their forest business and forest finance and investment decision-making.  The program will stress critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are required by employers today and running a forest-based business.  The Forest Finance and Investment Certificate is designed to (1) provide graduate-level education for those seeking advanced positions in forest business, and (2) to place students in a position so that they can continue their graduate education.

The certificate requires 15 credits of course work completed of the list of the courses below.  Students with a Forestry Background will need to take FORY 7406, FORY 7516, FORY 7626, FINC 7626 and BUSI 7116.  Students without a forestry background will be required to take FORY 7326 Forest Growth, Silviculture and Management and any 4 of the other courses for their 15 credits.

FORY 7326Forest Growth, Silviculture, and Management3
FORY 7406Forest Valuation and Economics3
FORY 7516Forest Operations and Wood Supply Chain Management3
FORY 7626Forest Finance, Accounting and Taxation3
FINC 7646Advanced Investments3
BUSI 7116Financial Analysis3

FORY 7326 Forest Growth, Silviculture, and Management will be required of students that do not have a Forestry Background.