MEd Administration of Elementary and Secondary Education Prgm

Class A Program Checklist for Instructional Leadership
Instructional Leadership Courses: 30 hours
EDLD 7210/7216Multiprofessional Leadership for Equity 13
EDLD 7500/7506Principal Leadership3
EDLD 7510/7516Action Research and Data Analysis3
EDLD 7520/7526Leadership and the Learning Organization3
EDLD 7530/7536Planning and Continuous Improvement3
EDLD 7540/7546Instructional and Curricular Leadership3
EDLD 7550/7556Educational Finance and Resource Management3
EDLD 7560/7566Educational Systems and Communities3
EDLD 7570/7576Legal and Ethical Issues3
EDLD 7580/7586Supervision and Personnel Issues in Education3
Survey of Special Education / Diversity Course 1
Internship: 3 hours
EDLD 7930/7936Administrative Internship/Residency3
Total Hours33

1EDLD 7210/6 Multiprofessional Leadership for Equity fulfills the state diversity course requirement. However, if a survey of special education course was not completed for prior level certification, RSED 6000/6 Advanced Survey of Exceptionality (3 hours) must be completed resulting in 36 total program hours.

In addition to the Graduate School requirement of a cumulative 3.0 GPA on all AU courses carrying graduate credit, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 is required on all courses used to meet program requirements.   

An applicant for certification in instructional Leadership who holds Class A certification in another teaching field or area of instructional support must take all courses indicated above that were not required for certification in another program at the Class A level. 

Individuals must be unconditionally admitted to the Class A Instructional Leadership program before enrolling in any instructional leadership courses in the program.

Coursework used to meet Class B certification requirements may not be used to meet requirements for Class A certification.

All substitutions for required courses must be approved using the Course Substitution Form, including transfer work.