Agricultural Leadership - MS

Agricultural Leadership - MS
Core Courses — College of Education - Select 18 credit hours in the following:18
Adult Education Courses
Methods of Teaching in Adult Education
Nature of Adult Education
Workforce Education
Learning Resources
Career and Technical Education Courses
Foundations of Career and Technical Education
Research in Career and Technical Education
Practicum in Area of Specialization
Specialty Area – College of Agriculture Courses — Select 9 credit hours in the following:9
Department — Agronomy and Soils (Soils, Crops, Turf Specialties)
Analy Plant, Soil & Ani Data
Soil Microbiology Lecture
Soil Resources and Conservation
Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement
Advanced Turfgrass Management
Soil Chemistry
Bioenergy and the Environment
Special Problems
Experimental Methods
Research and Thesis
Department — Entomology and Plant Pathology
Landscape Entomology
Physiology of Plant Health and Disease
Department — Poultry and Food Science
Food Laws And Regulations
Developing, Implementing, and Auditing Food Safety Programs
Advisor-Approved Electives: 6 Hours6
Total Hours33